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Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments are essential tools used in evaluating an individual’s cognitive and emotional functioning. At Mind and Brain Hospital, we offer a range of psychological assessments conducted by our team of experienced mental health professionals. Our assessments are used in various settings, including psychiatric, medical, legal, educational, and psychological clinics. One of the primary purposes of psychological assessments in the psychiatric setting is to determine the level of risk and decide whether a person should be admitted or discharged. Additionally, these assessments help determine the patient’s location and the therapy they require. In a psychological clinic setting, assessments can be used to determine characteristics of the client that can be useful in developing a treatment plan.

Types of Psychological Assessments:

Psychological Evaluation Cost :

At Mind and Brain Hospital, the cost of psychological evaluations can vary depending on the psychologist providing the service and the complexity of the condition being assessed. Patients with more complicated conditions will likely require more sessions and one-on-one time with the psychologist, resulting in a higher overall evaluation cost. The total cost of a psychological assessment can range between Rs.500 and Rs.4,500 and multiple sessions may be required to complete the assessment. In conclusion, psychological assessments play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating mental health issues. These assessments help to identify cognitive and emotional functioning, which is vital for developing effective treatment plans.


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