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We provide the latest treatment for mental disorders and behavioral, biological, and social issues.

24*7 Emergency Patient Retrieval

Psychiatric emergencies are challenging. Patient can be violent, aggressive can have suicidal tendency/homicidal tendency…..

Emotional and behaviour problems among children are on rise. Appropriate psychological instruments, inventories…..

Drinking alcohol and drug addiction are also called substance use disorders. It is a disease that can affect a person’s brain and behavior…..

There are different types of advance therapies that are provided to the patients which are…..

Addiction to smoking , alochol, various drugs like cannabis (ganja), cocaine, hearoine, dope & rave drugs is very common…..

The Clinical psychologists in Mind & Brain Clinic often work alongside other professionals in multidisciplinary…..

At Mind and Brain Hospital, we understand the unique challenges that women face when it comes to their mental health…..

With our online therapy services, you can receive professional and compassionate care from the comfort of your own home.

The Clinical psychologists in Mind & Brain Hospital often work alongside other professionals…..


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