Teaching, Training and Internship 

The Internship is organized into distinct phases, regardless of its duration, whether spanning days, weeks, or months.

Phase 1-
  • Orientation and Introduction
  •  Familiarization with Hospital Structure
Phase 2-
  • Introduction and working with Multidisciplinary Team (MDTs)
Phase 3-
  • Clinic and Ward Exposure
Phase 4-
  • Educational Components and Modalities Observation and Introduction
Phase 5-
  • Integration of Theoretical Orientations and Practical Interventions of Islamic Psychology
Phase 6-
  • Integration and Professional Development
Phase 7-
  • Administrative Aspects and Quality Improvement Feedback

Throughout the internship, the intern will have regular check-ins with the team and supervisors to discuss observations, address questions, and refine goals for the upcoming week or days if any. The focus of this initial week is to provide a broad overview and foundation for the intern’s subsequent involvement in the clinical aspects of Islamic psychology within the healthcare setting.

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