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Introducing the Dawa-Dua Project:

A Groundbreaking Initiative to Improve Mental Health in India

Mental health is a critical issue that affects millions of people worldwide, including India, where the treatment gap for mental health issues is a staggering 60-70%. Despite the need for help, many individuals do not seek treatment due to the stigma surrounding mental health. In fact, a global study shows that over 90% of people turn to faith healers, folk treatments, religious places, and other alternative options instead of mental health institutions.
The Dawa-Dua Project is a visionary response to this pressing challenge, aimed at integrating the best of both worlds – the prayer-based treatment model and the traditional medication model. We believe that by giving the community what they want, we can make mental health care more accessible, affordable, acceptable, available, and approachable for all.
Our innovative programs, such as our YouTube channel, are designed to provide psychological healing through the Quran and medication. We also have a research program in partnership with NIMHANS at a Dargah, aimed at improving community participation and educating community leaders, like priests, folk healers, imams, and health workers, about the signs of mental health issues and the importance of early intervention.
In addition, we train volunteers in two layers to improve their capacity for addressing mental health challenges. The first layer trains people with a 10th to 12th standard education who can speak different languages and understand mental health issues. The second layer trains community members who work at the community level, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to help those in need.
Join us in our mission to improve mental health outcomes and make a difference in the lives of those in our community. With the Dawa-Dua Project, we aim to change the mental health landscape in India and beyond.


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