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Dr. Safiya MS - Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist - Mind and Brain Hospital

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Dr. Safiya MS is a distinguished figure in the field of psychiatry, renowned for her expertise and commitment to patient care. With a robust educational background including a dual degree in Psychiatry and Psychology, she brings a comprehensive understanding of mental health disorders to her practice. Her MBBS and DPM from Father Muller Medical College lay the foundation for her clinical prowess.

As the Medical Director of Mind and Brain Hospital, Dr. Safiya oversees a range of psychiatric services, ensuring that patients receive top-quality care tailored to their individual needs. Her extensive 14 years of experience have equipped her with the insight and skills necessary to address a wide spectrum of psychiatric conditions.

Dr. Safiya’s contributions extend beyond her clinical practice, as she actively engages with professional organizations such as the Indian Medical Association and the Indian Psychiatry Society. Her involvement in these esteemed associations underscores her dedication to advancing the field of psychiatry and promoting mental health awareness.

Recognition from prestigious awards such as the B.C. Roy Young Achiever Award is a testament to Dr. Safiya’s outstanding contributions to the medical community. Additionally, her fellowship in the Community Health Program reflects her commitment to addressing broader public health issues, particularly in the realm of mental health.

One of the hallmarks of Dr. Safiya’s approach to treatment is her emphasis on holistic care, striving to minimize medication while maximizing support and intervention. Her involvement in de-addiction programs exemplifies her dedication to addressing the complex needs of individuals struggling with substance abuse.

Overall, Dr. Safiya MS stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of psychiatry, embodying a steadfast commitment to compassionate care, professional advancement, and community health.

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