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Dr. Safiya MS - Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist - Mind and Brain Hospital

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Dr. Safiya M.S is a highly experienced psychiatrist who holds a degree in MBBS from Father Muller Medical College Mangalore. With over 13 years of experience in the field of psychiatry, she has established herself as a respected medical professional and the medical director of Mind and Brain Hospital. Her expertise includes neuropsychiatry, counseling, de-addiction, child guidance, EEG center, life skills, adult day care, child development, and training and rehabilitation center.
At Mind and Brain Hospital, Dr. Safiya aims to provide comprehensive care that integrates the individual’s psychological, biological, emotional, and social well-being. She is a member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and the Indian Psychiatry Society and actively participates in de-addiction programs, working towards bridging the gap between traditional psychiatric practices and psychology. Her dual degree in psychiatry and psychology allows her to adopt principles from both fields, depending on the individual’s needs.
Dr. Safiya is a visiting consultant at Cauvery Medical Center, MedStar Hospital, North Side Hospital, and Apoorva Hospital. She is also a fellow of the Community Health Programme and is associated with V Care Rehabilitation Center and Yashodha Foundation. With her passion for psychiatry and her holistic approach, Dr. Safiya is dedicated to alleviating distress and building resilience in her patients.
At Mind and Brain Hospital, Dr. Safiya believes in constant learning and has a clarity of purpose and a sense of mission to provide high-quality care to her patients. With her extensive experience and commitment to patient care, she is a valuable asset to any healthcare team.

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